Cooperative Education / Internships

Cooperative Education and/or Internships provide students the opportunity to develop academic, technical, and employability skills in a work-based setting.

Cooperative Education

Students in good academic and technical standing, who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills associated with two full years (the equivalent of 8 terms) in their chosen technical field, are eligible for co-op employment. Through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employers, students alternate their studies in school with paid employment in their chosen technical field. Students are evaluated weekly by their employer and documentation is submitted to the Cooperative Education Coordinator. 

Cooperative Education placement requires a formal agreement between the school, employer, student, and parent/guardian. Students who participate in the Co-op program will be issued a Cooperative Employment Work Permit by the Co-op Coordinator. 


For students in good academic and technical standing, student's are eligible to take part in an internship opportunity.  Internships are unpaid work based learning experiences.  Like co-op, internships are structured learning experiences related to the student's program of study, are graded weekly, and require a formal agreement between the school, employer, student, and parent/guardian.

Student Requirements – (Summary) 

  • Minimum age of 16
  • Teacher recommendation/approval (technical area/academic).
  • Administrative recommendation/approval to ensure good discipline/conduct and attendance.

Employer Requirements – (Summary) 

  • Provide students with a safety and health orientation specific to the work site, prior to commencing work/Internship.
  • Provide students continuous supervision by the employer.
  • Provide a safety and health orientation specific to the site for all employee-students.
  • Allow sufficient supervisory visit time between student, employer and the school’s cooperative education coordinator or appropriate vocational technical teacher.
  • Employers must have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and provide a copy of binder to the school.
  • Employers are required to follow all federal and state requirements pertaining to employment. This would include the withholding of taxes, overtime wages and hourly restrictions for minors. (co-op)
  • State law and Whittier School District policy requires a CORI (Criminal Offender Records Information) on any individual who has direct and/or unmonitored contact with Whittier students. A CORI is also required for any individual that may be transporting a Whittier student to and from a job site.

The Co-op office must be notified immediately by the employer if:

  • The student is injured on the job.
  • The student does not report to work/Internship as scheduled.

Whittier reserves the right to terminate the co-op or internship agreement at any time because of student’s grades, attendance, or discipline matters.

For more information please contact:

Beverly DeSalvo
Vocational/Technical Coordinator
978.373.4101 x267