The Exploratory Program at Whittier Tech is designed to allow students to make informed decisions in choosing a vocational technical area which they wish to pursue. 


The Exploratory Program provides students with experiences in career awareness by giving them the opporturnity to explore all the vocational technical areas that Whittier Tech offers. 

For ten weeks students will rotate through all vocational technical programs. This experience promotes equal opportunity and equal access for every student  and encourages participation in non-traditional career choices. 

Career plans will be developed for all freshmen and will be evaluated yearly. This plan will ensure that students choose career paths that match their interests, abilities and educational goals. Various assessments are used and short and long term goals are established. 

All freshmen are issued an iPad as part of our one-to-one intiative. Using their iPad, students will complete a reflective writing piece at the end of each exploratory week. These are saved by the student and can be shared with Parents/Guardians. 

All students are graded consistently in all technical programs.