Whittier Tech and Massachusetts Public Schools are Leading the Nation

Massachusetts public schools are the best in the nation, and Whittier Tech is a part of that success.

Whether it's academic success in the classroom or excellence in technical education, Whittier Tech is proud to celebrate our achievements along with the entire state as we recognize the 25th anniversary of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act.

Massachusetts is:

  • #1 in the U.S. in reading and math on NAEP, "The Nation's Report Card" (2015)
  • #1 in the world in reading on the PISA international assessment (2016)

Whittier is:

  • A Level 1 performing school on MCAS performance.
  • One of the few schools in MA that can claim a 100% MCAS pass rate for over 10 years straight.
  • A leader in 21st Century teaching methods including a comprehensive 1:1 iPad technology learning platform.
  • Winner of a $500,000 competitive grant to modernize our Advanced Manufacturing program to teach the skills needed in this vital job sector.
  • The most cost effective vocational school in Massachusetts (per-pupil expenditures).