It's in the Numbers

Whittier Tech performs at the highest levels in benchmark tests.

Don't believe it? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does - it's in the numbers they publish for all to see every year.

On every major benchmark, Whittier Tech outperforms the state average in factors including:

WT vs State Benchmarks

  • MCAS performace
  • Dropout rate
  • Graduation rate

When you look deeper into the numbers behind the numbers, Whittier Tech looks even better.

If you attend Whittier Tech for all 4 years, our graduation rate jumps to 100%. That's right - if you stay enrolled to the very end, we have a 100% graduation rate, including a 100% MCAS pass rate for almost 10 years running.

Our MCAS scores rank with some of the best in the state, and compare favorably with all our member districts.

Whittier Tech manages to achieve these numbers all while having:

  • The lowest per-pupil spending increases of our member cities and towns
  • The 2nd highest percentage of low income students of our member cities and towns
  • The highest percentage of students with disabilities enrolled of our member cities and towns

We are successful despite these challenges because "The Whittier Way" leaves no one behind. We truly believe everyone can learn, no matter their background, circumstances, or past. We believe that all it takes is to find that "one thing" that motivates your student, and then we constantly work with them to make improvements every day, step by step, until we achieve the goal of graduating a student ready for life beyond high school.


Lastly, while a technical/vocational education is always going to cost more per pupil due to the constant investment in the latest machinery and tools, we are proud to show that we are the best value of vocational/technical schools in the entire state.

Feel free to check out your district at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) website, where they publish the school reports where all this information is publicly available.