Special Education

Whittier offers two levels of academic assistance for students with disabilities.

  • Inclusion Classroom (all subject areas)
  • Learning Center Classroom (Math, English, and Science)

Under the new state regulations, the goal is to foster independence by gradually removing direct services as the individual’s skill level increases.

The inclusion model allows students with disabilities to have the opportunity to participate fully in the school environment. Co-teaching is the foundation of the inclusion model. In a co-teaching environment, the regular education teacher and the special education teacher are assigned to the same class and work together to accommodate the needs of all students. This model fosters teacher collegiality and benefits the learning experiences of all students. A multi-modal approach is used for both instruction and evaluation to draw on the various strengths of each student. This model is in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 (IDEA 2004) as it affords special education students access to the general curriculum.

The inclusion model gives the regular education teacher primary responsibility for educating the special education students, with the technical support of the special education department. Special education services are made available as needed to accommodate the stated disabilities of the individuals participating in the inclusion model and to enable each student to achieve specific established goals. Students are placed in the inclusion model as determined by their skill level in each academic area.

Some students may need to continue to receive instruction in a small group setting to develop and increase specific skills in preparation for participation in an inclusion setting. Students in the Learning Center level work on developing basic skills within the curriculum frameworks. The classes are small and are comprised solely of students with special needs. For additional information regarding Special Education services, please contact the Special Education Department at extension 236.

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Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council at Whittier is comprised of parents and educators working to enhance the educational experiences of students with special needs in our community. The Council strives to provide access to current legislation, resources and activities to support this community.

We maintain a email list for parents that want to receive periodic updates and information. Please feel free to contact us below to sign up.