Start of School Required Sign Off  Forms


The 2018-2019 school year is almost here!

In order to streamline the first few days of school, we are asking parents/guardians to read and review the attached Student Handbook with their student before the start of school.

Once you have reviewed the attached Handbook with your student, please follow this link to electronically sign your acceptance of the policies set forth in the Handbook, as well as our Photo and Reporter Release forms.

Grade 9 Electronic Signature Page

Grade 10 Electronic Forms Signature Page

Grade 11 Electronic Forms Signature Page

Grade 12 Electronic Forms Signature Page

Thank you for choosing Whittier Tech, and we look forward to seeing you soon on Freshmen Orientation/New Student's Day, Tuesday, August 28th. School starts for all students Weds. August 29th.

PS - If you wish, you can print out the attached Student Handbook signoff form and turn it in during homeroom on the first day of school.