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Join us for a closer look!

The Whittier Guidance Staff invites you to come join us for a closer look at Whittier Tech.

Held the 1st Wednesday of every month, the Guidance Staff will provide in-depth information and mini-tours in a smaller, more personal setting for groups of less than 20 at a time.

Sign up below for a date that's convenient for you, and come find out for yourself why Whittier Tech provides a high school experience unlike any other in the region.

The sessions run from 9:00am to 10:30am.


The Whittier Way

The "Whittier Way" is a belief that high school is more than just a diploma. We believe that students need more than a piece of paper after 4 years - they need the skills and knowledge to be college and career ready.

We combine a rigorous academic program with vocational/technical training to provide our students both a strong knowledge base and practical skills to apply on the job and in life.

Whether your goal is to go off to college, take over the family business, or serve our country, the "Whittier Way" prepares you for your future outside of high school in a way no other school can.


Whittier Tech performs

Whittier Tech outperforms the state, and many of our neighbors, in areas such as dropout rate, graduation rate, and MCAS performance.


college success

Our students get accepted and thrive at some of the best colleges in the nation. Find out how Whittier succeeds at preparing our students for "What's next?" 


workforce excellence

The practical skills they learn in their vocational areas prepare them like no other school can to succeed in the workplace. Read some of their stories.

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Apply Now

Ready to apply? Head on over to our online application system hosted at Go2CTE to apply online for fastest service.

Paper application forms in English and Spanish are available as well.





Students must apply for admission to Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School.  All students must meet the Admission Policy standards established by the WRVT School Committee to be considered for admission.  To be eligible for a vocational/technical certificate, students must attend both academic and vocational classes on-site at the school.  The Massachusetts Department of Education and Massachusetts Board of Education have approved this policy.

At its discretion, the Whittier School district may admit out-of-district students under the provisions of Chapter 76, Sections 12 and 12B of the M.G.L., providing that such students have met the standards of the Admission Policy.  Acting on behalf of the WRVT School Committee, the Superintendent, or his/her designee, will see that procedures are developed by which applications for admissions from out-of-district students will be received and processed.

Complete information regarding the policy and application procedures can be found in the Admission Policy.


Application Process

In compliance with federal and state law, it is the policy of the Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions, or homelessness in its educational programs and activities. Whittier Tech has a published admission policy that is made available to all applicants and parent(s)/guardian(s) as part of the admission process. The policy gives the admission criteria, as well as a description of the entire admission process.

This application form must be completed and submitted to Whittier Tech. In addition to this application form, the applicant's current guidance counselor will submit transcripts of the criteria that will be used for admission that includes the applicant's grades, attendance record and discipline/conduct record. For fall admission, this would include terms 1 and 2 of the current school year and terms 1-4 of the previous year. In addition to grades, attendance and discipline/conduct, the current guidance counselor's recommendation on this form will used. A fifth criteria consisting of an interview with the applicant will be also used.

Curious? Want to learn more? Perhaps a tour? Contact us below!

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