Project Discovery - Session 2 Summer 2018

Project Discovery - Session 2 Summer 2018


July 23 - Aug 2

Join us of a summer of fun and learning! Choose from 6 different types of experiences!

Transportation is included.

Young Chefs Session 2 SOLD OUT.

Young Bakers Session 2 SOLD OUT.

For students entering Grades 6-8 in Fall of 2018.

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Session 2 Enrollment - July 23 - Aug 2

Choose between 2 different program styles:


Our classic Project Discovery allows you to select from 3 pathways, and experience a range of programs throughout the 2 week session.

You'll choose 3 of the following pathways:

  1. Art: Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Explore the importance of composition and design! Create an artwork of your own.

  2. Carpentry: Explore the basic principles of carpentry. Construct and bring home a variety of interesting, fun projects such as napkin holders, bird houses and back scratchers.

  3. Culinary Arts: Explore how to cook and bake in Whittier’s kitchen and pastry shop. Bring home delicious creations and learn about nutrition and safety in the kitchen.

  4. Electrical: Learn the basic principles of electricity including electrical tools and their uses and the construction of basic circuitry projects. Students will engage in constructing a small, fun project to bring home.

  5. Graphics: Delve into the world of digital art with programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
    Learn the basics of printing, bindery and design that every professional knows and transfer that knowledge into printed pieces of your own.

  6. Collision Repair: Using a plastic car body, students will prepare for the refinishing process, mix paints using a computerized system and air brush custom designs. Students will also learn about automotive detailing.

  7. Plumbing: Welcome young plumbing explorers! Go with the ow as you learn the basics of plumbing. Practice some of the same skills that professional plumbers use every day. Gain confidence with plumbing tools.

  8. Photography: Learn the basics of photography. Work with different lenses. Photograph your friends with professional lighting. Use Photoshop to do retouching and print your favorite picture to take home with you.

  9. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math can be fun and exciting. Whittier Tech is the place to find out more and this summer is the perfect time! Discovery participants will be introduced to STEM through FUN and interactive projects.

Two Week Specialty Programs

These programs are more focused in their scope - but space in each is extremely limited.

  1. Young Chefs - Learn to prepare and serve food like they do in your favorite restaurant. Read and follow recipes as you create a variety of menu items. It's a culinary adventure that will keep you exploring for years to come.
  2. Young Bakers - Explore the yummy side of life making desserts for home and the staff
  3. Theater - Explore the world of theatre, acting and production. Learn about characterization, monologue and scene work, improvisational games, basic stage direction, and technical terminology. Students will rehearse, memorize and perform a one-act play as their nal project... all in a fun and interactive environment.
  4. STEM/Advanced Manufacturing - An introduction to the fascinating world of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, students in STEM- Advanced Manufacturing will be immersed in real-world projects that replicate the techniques used in the Technology/Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

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All students in both programs will participate in daily Physical Education activities to promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

There is a daily, ten-minute snack break and students should bring a pre-packed snack & beverage. Please note that lunch is not served and all participants will board buses to return home at 12 pm.

A confirmation letter with bus route information will be mailed to each registered participant at the end of June. Students are NOT required to live within the Whittier Tech District to participate in these programs.