Senior Brett Bateman has worked hard both in and out of school, and today he was recognized for it. During a packed luncheon at Poet's Inn hosted by Haverhill Kiwanis Club, he was named the 2017 Tradesperson of the Year.

Brett is the son of Steve and Sue Bateman of Salisbury and will graduate from the Machine Technology Program with the Class of 2017 on June 1st. He has been hired as a full-time machinist at MacDiarmid Machine Company in Newburyport, where he started working at 16.

“Brett came to me as a sophomore and asked if I could get him a job for the summer,” said his Machine Technology Instructor Paul Moskevitz. “I asked him if he had transportation and he said, ‘Yes! I will ride my bike’ so we found him a job at MacDiarmid and he has been there ever since.”

The recognition comes with gifts -- $1,000 in tools for his trade -- which amounted to $1,500 thanks to the generosity of MSC Industrial Supply. Brett grinned as he looked over the digital micrometer, indicator kit, vice blocks and the eight-drawer Kennedy toolbox that will hold all of his machining tools.  

“I will begin using these tools on Monday," he said. "Thank you to all of you and especially to my teachers Mr. Moskevitz and Mr. Boiselle,” he said. “They are two of my favorite role models. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

Brett was commended for his perfect attendance for all four years and in addition to the co-op job he works at every other week, he also works there part-time during the weeks he attends school. He plans to take online courses to advance his career as a machinist.

He is a member of the South Hampton Fire Department Explorer Program, and volunteers with the Salisbury Lion’s Club. He participates in WWII enactments with The Living History Association and also volunteers at food drives hosted by Holy Family Parish.

“During Brett’s four years in high school he showed 100% effort,” Mr. Moskevitz said. “When he made a mistake, he would keep working until it was 100% correct.”

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