Parent Night Activities - Thursday Nov. 16th

This Thursday, Nov 16th, we are running a number of programs for parents in the evening.

From 5-6pm, in the Health Room, we are running "Hidden in Plain Sight" - an interactive display to help parents spot the signs of substance abuse. This display includes a full teen bedroom with items "hidden in plain sight" to see and identify drug paraphernalia and hiding places and signs of use.

Also, from 5-6pm for Freshmen and new students, we will be running our "Choosing your Vocational Area" presentation, where teachers from the various shop programs at Whittier will speak about how the process works, and provide information about their specific shop areas.

Last but not least, our Fall Parent Night will run from 6-8pm, where parents will have the chance to visit with teachers in the classroom and have BRIEF discussions about their student. Parents who have the need for a longer discussion may make arrangements at this time, or contact the Guidance Dept. at 978.373.4101 x252 at any time.

We hope to see you there!

Whittier Tech