Consider Giving To Whittier's Annual Holiday Fund Campaign

The holiday season - family, cheer and merriment, gift giving, a feast.

Sadly, not everyone feels this way during this time of year. For those families just barely making ends meet, the added stress and burden of trying to make this time of year something special is overwhelming at best.

Every year, Whittier's staff and vendors join together to help our students and their families that may need assistance during the holiday period.

This year, the Whittier Educational Foundation is taking the lead in collecting donations to support this initiative.

To date, we've helped approximately 275 Whittier families - but there are another 70 who could use our help.

Please consider making a donation, of any amount, to help those closest to Whittier - our own students and their families - make the most out of the holiday season.

Thank you.


Whittier Tech