Whittier staff buys gifts for 64 families

Faculty and staff came together this season to run Whittier's holiday drive in a new, creative way. Normally run by Mediation Specialist Cheryl Begin, Whittier's annual drive works to ensure that all students and their families have happy holidays. For the last several years, Ms. Begin and her team would work with the guidance department to compile a list of students, inquire about needed items, then shop, wrap and distribute the gifts.

However, due to family commitments this year, Begin was unable to put in the many hours she had in the past to make the event a success, so Director of Guidance Kristine Morrison, with help from her Administrative Assistant Madisyn Portorreal, took over to create a "giving tree".

Ms. Morrison worked with staff to create a list of students and their wish lists There were 64 in all and some included items for students' family members. "These students are not asking for iPods," Ms. Morrison said. "They're asking for winter jackets, boots, gloves, school supplies -- items that are really practical and needed."

Faculty and staff were eager to help, and the lists were quickly claimed. This week, bags of colorfully wrapped packages began piling up in the guidance office to be sent home with students. "Everyone really got into the holiday spirit and went above and beyond to help our students," Ms. Morrison said. "Being able to take the lead on shopping and wrapping gifts really made faculty and staff feel good."

Those who would like to donate to the Whittier holiday fund, can do so here.

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