American Red Cross grateful for Whittier Blood Drive

Photos by Allison Stacey, a junior in DVC

Students and staff donated 21 pints of blood at the American Red Cross Blood Drive organized by the Key Club in the Whittier gym on March 20.

“This is very good news to collect this much in spite of all the school days cancelled,” said American Red Cross Account Manager Dan Craig. “I know we had quite a few first time donors. Wonderful students!

"As a result of your drive the potential of up to 63 patients could receive this life sustaining, life saving gift. That is something that I hope that you, your student leaders and the entire Whittier Vocational Technical H.S. takes great pride in.

"We are currently under an urgent appeal as a result of the numerous Blood Drives that were lost due to weather and a bad flu season. By holding your drive you are ensuring we are able to supply hospitals both locally and nationally with the blood that is required each and every day for those patients in need. On behalf of myself, The American Red Cross, and all of the patients (and family members of those patients) whose lives you have touched at your Blood Drive. Thank you!”

Blood Donor Rachel Pelletier.jpg
Blood donor Sean Runge.jpg
Whittier Tech