Students build new digital welcome sign and set of outdoor stairs

Students in the construction trades have been busy designing, building and making improvements to the Whittier campus. A new electronic welcome sign is being built near the school entrance by masonry, carpentry and metal fabrication students. This modern, digital sign framed in stone and accented with metal was started in late fall and will be up and running for graduation ceremonies on May 30th.

Carpentry students excavated the site and planned the sign’s size and placement. “We built a mock-up of the sign to see how it would look, and now we’ve made it a reality,” said Carpentry Instructor Earl Corr. They completed their work before the December break, sometimes working in frigid temperatures as low as 19 degrees so masonry students could take over when it warmed up in April. Block construction requires temperatures of at least 40 degrees.

On the sports fields, junior carpentry students designed and built a long set of stairs leading from the football field and track to the baseball and softball fields. It will connect the fields and make the area safer for athletes to get up and down, said Carpentry Instructor John Lavigne. It will also provide easy access for track athletes who will compete in javelin and discus events on the upper field next year.

The stairs are part of a larger project that includes installation of artificial turf on the football field, outdoor lighting, and a new track upgraded from six lanes to eight to be completed by October.

Carpentry students who built the stairs with Mr. Lavigne are: Angelica Cintron, Siarra Cronin, Cody Littlefield, Alanna Stafford, Angel Alvarado, Dylan Fraize, Nicholas Glynn, Jared Recillas, Jyrell Ruiz, Tyler Wetherbee, Emily Wilson, Nathan Angus, Kaitlyn MacDuff, Alphonso Johnson, Trevor Spaulding, Jeremy Higgins, Richard Giarrusso, and Nico Atzei.

Masonry students who built the sign with Masonry Instructor Paul Boucher are: Sophomores Anthony Bridges, Lily Fox, Asahya Hernandez, Brian Levesque, Matthew Livengood, James Palmacci and Timothy Rollins; Juniors Edward Fernandez, Caleb Lampert, Matthew Nunez, Xavier Valdivieso and Hector Valentin; Seniors Adam Correia, Mike Doucette, Kyle McCoy and Griffen Rogers.

Carpentry students who worked on the sign with Mr. Corr are: Nathan Angus, Nico Atzei, Jeremy Higgins, Alphonso Johnson, Serena Muniz, Neveah Pitcher, Carlos Then-Torres, Julia Arango, Joseph Cahill, Richard Giarrusso, Julian Hallahan, Trevor Spaulding, and Eric Towne.

Metal Fabrication students who created a large ornamental WT for the sign with Instructor Chris Gerber are: Colby Laursen-Rice, Cole Nealon, Jayden Champa and Michael Maguire.

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