Seniors honored for earning college credits

Forty-five Whittier Tech seniors were honored for completing college credits while still in high school at an Early College Graduation Recognition Ceremony at Northern Essex Community College. The students earned between six and 12 credits in English that they may apply to any state college in Massachusetts. The Early College Program is a partnership between Northern Essex Community College and Whittier Tech.

Senior Allasandra Thompson, who completed six college courses, was a student speaker at the event. “The work was challenging, however I’m grateful to have taken these courses because it made me a better writer and pushed me to get used to college deadlines while still in high school,” she said. “We have all learned that time management is one of the key skills needed to be successful in college.”

Seniors who were honored are: Liam McAllister, Rhina Tiburcio, Tabitha Noyes, Cailyn Merrill, Arianna Mak, Emily Shal, Kimberly Roope, Jaryd Plante, Brittany Chaput, Evelina Sanzo, Nevaeh Pitcher, Clara Petry, Jada Wood, Nicholas Silva, Matthew Michel, Sean Bresnahan, Samuel Claflin, Christopher Pelletier, Kalei Bull, Peta-Gaye McLaughlin, Larissa Havey, Helena McDonald, Benjamin Gagnon, Gregory Marshall, Griffen Rogers, Kyle Shaw, Maya Looker, Ashley Greene, Melisa Cepeda, Allison Stacey, Isla Cattanach, Noelle Alaboudi, Mackenzie Collins, Kendra Knight, Andrew Roux, Ethan Rousseau, Scott Bixby, Elian Sanabia, Olivia Jones, Kelleigh Greaney, Joseph Cahill, Seth Denault, Jamie Orellana, Shaylee Lavallee and Allasandra Thompson.

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