Students build playground in Newbury

Seven of our Carpentry students joined 50 other volunteers in Newbury for one week in October to build a new playground at the elementary school. They cut, routered, milled, fabricated, assembled and installed piece after piece until the 15,000 square-foot space was a play area full of joyful possibilities. It features a pirate boat, spider web, swings, slide, tic tac toe board, climbing trees, pull-up bars and climbing bars. "It was an awesome experience for our kids," said Carpentry Teacher Earl Corr, who oversaw the students.. "They really became part of the community. They fit together with all of the other volunteers like a zipper."

The students who participated are seniors: Allison Beauchesne, Aleinna Rodriguez, Derek True, Spenser Yarbrough, Alex Allende, Lucia Butruccio and Shawn Scates.