Students and staff donate 30 pints of blood

Like her parents, Junior Elisia Emery has rare Type O blood and she has watched them donate many times, so today when the Red Cross truck pulled up at Whittier, she had an appointment.

"There's a lot of people out there struggling who need blood," she said. "It's simple enough."  

 She was resting and enjoying a snack with Junior Angel Alicea, who had also just given blood for the first time.  Both said they enjoyed watching it flow from their arms to the tubes. "It was a weird experience,"Angel said. "Blood doesn't usually come out of me." Nearby, Senior Hayley Manjounes checked in, and said, "It's my good deed for the year."

Key Club Members organized the blood drive, the first of two they will host in the gym this year. Thirty pints were collected said, Co-Advisor Rich Porcelli.  


Senior Jonathan Pena donates his first pint of blood.
Juniors Elisia Emery and Angel Alicea enjoy a snack after donating blood.
Key Club members registered donors.
Key Club Co-Advisor Rich Porcelli
Senior Hayley Manjounes reads what to expect as she prepares to donate blood for the first time.