Students help install new bleachers

The bleachers overlooking the football field, installed 43 years ago when the school was built, are being replaced. The $600,000 job began after the fall sports seasons ended and is wrapping up this month with the help of carpentry and masonry students.

 Students loaded cement into wheelbarrows as it poured down the mixer chute and carted it to fill new walkway platforms. “I heard the call for wheelbarrows and I turned around and there were 20 students there,” said Whittier’s Business Manager Kara Kosmes.

The school got a credit of $916 from Charters Brothers of Danville, NH for the labor students performed. "We got a good sense of what it's like on a job site," said Julia Matos, a junior in the carpentry program. "It was cool to see how the bleachers were coming together."

 "We also got to explore something outside of carpentry and work with professionals in another trade," said Yuris Martinez, also a junior.

The original bleachers, built in 1973, were made of wood with a metal frame. The wooden seats were replaced with aluminum in the 1980s, but an engineering report last year advised that the entire structure, including the frame, be replaced. The new bleachers are handicapped accessible. 

The job is coming in ahead of schedule and under budget, Ms. Kosmes said. and the bleachers are expected to be fully functional by the end of the month. “They will be ready for spring sports and graduation,” she said.