Student athletes learn about wellness, leadership

The importance of healthy eating and sleeping, and the dangers of drugs and alcohol were just some of the topics our student athletes heard about yesterday during an after-school assembly with Nancy O’Neil, a former college athlete from Weymouth who works with schools on student wellness.

“She covered everything,” said Ryan Ducrow,” a senior on the wrestling and cross country teams. “It helped reinforce the fact that we need to keep ourselves healthy and stay away from negative things that could get in the way of our paths of being student athletes.”

The Whittier athletes appreciated that Ms. O’Neil knew what they were facing. She was a three-sport athlete at the University of Massachusetts who played volleyball, basketball and lacrosse.

            Her presentation also included what it means to be committed to a team, how to be a leader and how drugs and alcohol affect the brain as well as cause physical injuries and increase recovery time. “It was informative,” Ducrow said. “It was really cool that it was a student athlete telling us these things. She knows the dangers we face and what it means to take care of yourself.”