Decision time for freshmen next week

Freshmen have completed the Exploratory Program and will choose their vocational-technical programs next week. But first, they will be treated to the “Freshmen Halftime Show” during either the mornings or afternoons next week when they do not have midyear exams scheduled.

It is where they will hear from their guidance counselors about what to consider when choosing a program, how to craft a career plan and use the Naviance system to record and track their academic and extra-curricular record. Freshmen will also learn about the school-wide initiative on Portfolio Development, OSHA awareness and our Mediation Program. In addition, coaches and club advisors will offer information on sports teams and clubs available, and vocational teachers will talk about the 22 programs available.

The Grand Finale is Friday when Whittier alumni return to talk to freshmen about how they navigated their own high school years and propelled themselves to college and successful careers.

All freshmen will receive shop selection forms on Tuesday and they are due on Friday. They will choose their top three choices.