Georgetown seniors enjoy Valentine's Day luncheon with culinary students

Seniors in Georgetown were all smiles today as their new Senior Center officially opened with a Valentine's Day Luncheon hosted by Whittier's Culinary Arts students.

"They're  not just serving the food," said Esther Palardy, a member of the center's Board of Directors. "Their personalities are wonderful. They are so kind and accommodating."

 "We love Whittier," said Diane Prescott, also a member of the center's Board of Directors. "The kids are wonderful and the food is great. We want them to know how much we love having them here." At the end of the buffet style meal, seniors applauded the students and their instructors, Ms. Josephs and Mr. Yameen, as they were introduced by Whittier's Vocational Coordinator Beverly DeSalvo. Whittier Superintendent Maureen Lynch also attended the event and helped serve cake. 

Earlier in the school year, carpentry students chipped in to build the new senior center, adjacent to Perley School, by helping with demolition, framing and hanging doors. "It saved the town a tremendous amount of money," said Colleen Ranshaw-Fiorello, Director of Georgetown's Council on Aging. "We are so grateful."

The luncheon was sold out. More than 60 seniors enjoyed the afternoon visiting with friends and the high school students. They dined on baked stuffed haddock, sauteed potatoes and green beans with carrot medallions, and finished with chocolate Valentine's Day cake.