Maroon Monsoon runs robot in Steamworks contest

Our Robotics Team "Maroon Monsoon" had their robot in action again at a FIRST Competition at Reading High where the setting in the field house was a lively Steamworks theme. As part of the competition, the robot students built had to execute a number of autonomous actions. It shot plastic balls, which symbolized fuel, into a boiler and delivered a gear to an air ship located at center court. It also had to climb a rope and board the airship before it took flight. 

 "We had some technical issues but they never stopped working in between the matches," said Bob Beaton, an Electronics/Robotics Teacher who is one of the team's mentors. Thirty Whittier students attended the event, and over three days, students on 40 school teams participated in 70 matches. "It's a pretty elaborate set-up," he said.

It was the Whittier team's second and final competition of the season, but they hope to participate in some off-season events. The 30 student members and Mentors Chris Speropolous, Ernie Thibault and Mr. Beaton spent many hours after school and on weekends preparing to compete.

The students are: Nate Bacon, Mason Barber, Kayla Bergquist, Dylan Bierne, Ben Brindle, Sam Brindle, Ian Chamberlin, Phillip Colladay, Taylor Desormeaux, Sal Fonzo, Ben Gagnon, Patrick Grennler, Natalie Harriman, Riley Holmes, Cameron LaFrance, Gabi Logan, Gregory Marshall, Joe Monson, Christian Nieves, Christian O'Connor, Tom Pagnotarro, Nick Proctor, Devin Provencher, Natasha Richard, Kaycee Salguerio, Jeramy Scalan, Owen Sevene, Keegan Smith, Dominick Taveras, Jackie Verrette and Iyana White.