Making cancer treatments easier for children

Children who are sick and receive intravenous medicines will no longer have to sit still during their treatments, thanks to our Key Club members. One of the projects they took on this year was to build and paint “Lilypads” which fasten to the bottom of IV poles and provide seats for young patients who can then wheel themselves around.

“We saw them at our District Convention in Springfield this year and loved them,” said Brianna Jackson, president of the club.

Carpentry Teacher Mark Whittier and his sophomore students cut eight molds, then sanded and finished them so they were ready for painting. Key Club members then designed and painted upbeat graphics to appeal to children such as Captain America, Finding Nemo, a pizza and bright flowers.

The lilypads will be donated to Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute at Tufts Medical Center. Cabinet-grade plywood used to build them was donated by Mark Brady of Damark Woodcraft in Haverhill. He is a member of Whittier’s Advisory Board. 

Key Club Members are: Ashlee Chaput, Kailee Chaput, Alyssa Cerullo, Emma Dupri, Khloe Vega, Sarah Dupra, Reilly Ashley, Matt Conner, Philip Blynn, Iyana While, Britnay Chaput, Briana Jackson, Katie Costa, Colinda Kyle Alex Vega, Natasha Richard and Tabatha Noyes